President’s Letter – May 19

Dear colleagues,

Today is World Family Doctor Day. Family physicians are the cornerstone of primary care. They work long hours to provide timely and compassionate care to their patients, and to ensure as many New Brunswickers as possible have access to a family physician.

Recent initiatives aimed at connecting patients with physicians on a one-time, case-by-case basis may be helping patients meet their day-to-day primary care needs, but none of these options can replace the valuable relationship between a patient and a family physician who follows their health journey over time.

As we continue to experience a shortage of health-care providers across the country, the demands on New Brunswick family physicians are higher than ever. Their tireless work and commitment to their patients is a source of pride and encouragement for all of us in the medical profession.

In an effort to recognize the wide-ranging responsibilities of physicians, including those in family practice, and to educate the general public on how their expertise varies from that of other primary care providers, the NBMS created and has been promoting this brief video on its digital platforms. The strong engagement and nearly 400 Kudoboard submissions received so far demonstrate how much New Brunswickers appreciate the work physicians do every day.

On behalf of the NBMS, I want to wish all family physicians Happy World Family Doctor Day. Thank you for everything you do for your patients and your communities.